In 1979 Optimef was launched as the first ever Romanian watch – a modern, sharp and reliable timepiece – as its ad at the time stated. Take it out of its dusted, old box and it is just as relevant as it was on the day it left the Mecanică Fină factory.


When we were researching what happened to the once productive Romanian watch making industry, we found out that it shut down altogether after the fall of communism. That’s how we decided to rebuild the Optimef brand as a reminder that cool things were created in Romania even before we knew what cool meant. We mix the design elements of the 70s and 80s with today’s functionality and tomorrow’s technology. Optimef is a fusion between past and present. Each design will always have a nostalgic element along with a twist. The quality and beauty of a design object are closely connected, that’s why we pay careful attention to technical details, the materials and the technology that we use when creating our products. Beyond originality, refinement and a timeless aspect, we want Optimef pieces to inspire not only aesthetically, but also through the story they tell.


Curiosity defines us and takes us further, where the cool happens. We are driven by our will to create, improve and explore different design fields. By using crisp geometric shapes and original details we want our objects to inspire a quiet luxury in a perfect balance of beauty and function.

This is us.


Bogdan Costea

Co-Founder & designer

Andrei Morariu

Co-Founder & designer




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